End Corporate Corruption In Politics

The Center for Responsive Politics has said that the 2016 congressional elections were the most expensive elections with over $4 billion dollars spent on House and Senate Elections. It is obvious that a vast majority of this money did not come from small dollar, individual donations. The influence of money in our politics has continued to negatively affect how our politicians govern. Dark money and independent expenditures have continued to buy off our government so that it only works for the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected. We have to fight for a constitutional amendment to end the private financing of our elections and get the money out of our political system. We must ensure that our political system works for the majority of Americans and not just those who can afford to buy off our politicians. This means elections financed by the very public that elects officials to represent their interests in the federal government.

Income and Wealth Inequality

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen median wages flat-line, productivity sky rocket and the American dream decline. A recent Economic Policy Institute study reports that since 1978, CEO compensation has grown 940 percent, compared to 12 percent for typical workers. Wealth and power have been concentrated to the top 1 percent – the people who make the rules – while the rest of America worries how to afford daycare, or medications, or college. This inequality is further exacerbated by the nation’s history or slavery and Jim Crow. This campaign is dedicated to fighting income and wealth inequality by pushing for policies that restore the middle class and invite those in, who have never had the opportunity in the past by fighting for policies like universal healthcare, tuition-free public college, higher wages, and universal Pre-K.

Green New Deal

Climate change is a worldwide issue with consequences that impact us all. From warming oceans and rising seas to severe weather events, climate change is real and we’re running out of time to lessen its impact. This means fighting for the Green New Deal – a 10 year plan to shift every part of our society toward renewable energy with the hope of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Green New Deal can create millions of new high-wage jobs tasked with building new-age infrastructure and industries that drive a 21st century modern economy.

LGBTQIA+ Support

Promoting and protecting the dignity and prosperity of all Americans means that we have an obligation to provide avenues to even the playing field for those Americans who have been ostracized, ridiculed, and left defenseless to attacks from those who wish them harm. Our campaign is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans are free from fear created by discrimination. We are committed to working alongside and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community in the fight for equality and equity within our society. Discrimination based on a person’s gender identifcation or who they choose to love has no place in this country and our campaign is committed to ensuring that all Americans are afforded the same rights under the law regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Reproductive Rights

Politicians across the country need to be clear that women’s bodies are not bargaining chips to be used to inflame their base. Progressives need to fight for a woman’s right to protect her bodily autonomy and ensure that all women have agency of their futures. States cannot be allowed to continue to pass disastrous laws that destroy lives just for the sake of a “moral” argument. It is imperative to do everything we can to stop those blatant abuses of power meant to subject women to the will of the State. This is accomplished by fighting for laws that protect women, fully funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and passing the Equal Rights Amendment.

Medicare for All

According to analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Georgia is ranked fourth among states with the highest number of uninsured people. Medicare for All will create a system that would drastically change this by providing all Americans healthcare as a right and not a privilege for those who have the means to pay for care. Medicare for All means not having to decide between food for your family or buying lifesaving medications. It means not having to stay at a job just for the benefits even though it is not personally fulfilling. It means having the freedom to start a business or pursue that idea that was previously impossible. Medicare for All would make way for entrepreneurs to start their own small business without the fear of how they will survive while providing high quality living wages. This means employers no longer have to choose between paying their workers well and providing health insurance.

Tuition Free Public College

Today, only those with a considerable amount of wealth can guarantee their opportunity to go to college. This has caused student loan debt to be the second highest chunk of American debt, second only to housing debt. These costs have halted countless numbers of young people from being able to pour hard earned money into the real economy by buying homes, cars, and other consumer goods. Instead, saddled with debt, many are forced to move back in with their parents and work jobs outside of their field of study to pay for an education that is not fulfilling the promise that education is supposed to bring better and more opportunities for high quality employment. We must fight to forgive loans and provide tuition free public college because this will give graduates and students the opportunity to change the trajectory of their family for generations to come.

Higher Wages

The Federal minimum wage was created to ensure that all workers would be fairly compensated and able to have a decent quality of life. While the House was able to pass a bill that raised the federal minimum wage to $15, it would be a gradual increase over seven years. This is too long, and we need more effective action right now. We have to fight to tie minimum wage to inflation. We have to ensure that collective bargaining flourishes again through unions as we work on behalf of the American worker instead of corporate interests. According to the Economic Policy Institute, if we enact a new minimum wage in 2021 and tied it to current inflation based on the last increase in 1968, that would bring the federal minimum wage to $21.25. These are the bold changes we need to help people change their lives for the better.

Immigration Reform

We are a nation of immigrants no matter what the President, Republicans, or Democratic establishment may say. We have to work vigorously to put a tangible, speedy pathway to citizenship in place. We must provide DACA recipients and those children who have been brought to the United States since DACA was created with permanent protected status with an expedited pathway to citizenship. We must close the for-profit detention centers that have been setup across the country to impose cruelty on those seeking asylum. We have to seek long-term solutions to the damage we have caused in Central America that has caused people to flee destabilized governments characterized by rampant corruption and control by brutal drug gangs. We have to stand up to the Trump Administration’s corruption and fight to keep them from pillaging money from other parts of the government to build a wall at the southern border.

Gun Control

It is time for us to tell the NRA and gun manufacturers that we have had enough. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the NRA gave 98% of their 2018 contributions, totaling $861,017 to Republican politicians. This is the heart of corruption and our citizens deserve better. We deserve to feel safe while grocery shopping, seeing a movie, and attending our houses of worship. We should not have to worry that it could be the last time we see our children when we send them to school in the morning. Federal background checks are not enough. We must protect law enforcement by having a readily available registry of every gun in the country. This registry should also include ammunition. We need to ensure that tips from family and friends about individuals who are known to be armed and showing hostile tendencies toward the public can be investigated. We have to close the gun show and boyfriend loopholes. Most importantly we need to address the type of extremism that is leading to the continued increase in mass shootings around the country.

Tackling Homelessness

In a nation overflowing with abundance for the wealthy, there are hundreds and thousands of veterans, families, men, women and youth that call the streets their homes. Homelessness is rarely caused by a single factor and needs to be pursued with an interdisciplinary solution. We have to fund organizations that are working hard to find long-term solutions for the homeless and are helping to provide those without a home a place to stay. Sometimes, all a family needs is help with a security deposit. Other times, homelessness may be caused by un- or underemployment or mental illness. This is a big, urgent problem that needs to be addressed head on.

Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana

In a time where the United States has more citizens per capita incarcerated than any other developed nation in the world, we have to address why people are sitting in jail for possession of marijuana. If we are going to be a country that claims to be built on the rights of individual citizens, we need to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, release people from prison, and expunge their records. These low level offenses create a bottleneck within our justice system, unfairly target black and brown people, and feed the prison industrial complex that is overwhelmingly run by private prison companies. We cannot let people continue to profit from the plight of our most vulnerable populations.


Over the last two and a half years, this President and his administration have truly tested our system of checks and balances. It has become very apparent that one party is complicit in the madness, while the other has abdicated responsibility to support and defend the Constitution. We must put a stop to the blatant violations of law and order that are continuously committed by this President and his Administration. Our democracy cannot take much more of these blatant abuses of power by the Executive Branch. We have to fight back by opening an impeachment inquiry into this President and his Administration. This is not about pursuing wrongdoing when it is politically advantageous or expedient. This is about the Congress standing up and fighting for the soul of our democracy by telling the American people that no one is above the law, not even the President.